Champion, NGK & Denso Spark Plugs



Champion Iridium Spark Plugs

Champion iridium plugs have a superior .7mm fine-wire center electrode which results in maximum life and spark performance. And every Champion iridium spark plug features an iridium center electrode with platinum tipped V-trimmed Ground electrode and an exclusive Heat-Active alloy which maintains stable operating temperature under all engine loads.



Iridium is a precious metal that is 6 times harder and 8 times stronger than platinum, it has a 1,200=F higher melting point than platinum and conducts electricity better. This makes it possible to create the finest wire center electrode ever. Prior till now, Champion has favored platinum for their long life or performance automotive spark plugs due to its high melting point, also the technology did not exist to machine and bond iridium on a spark plug electrode (at least in a cost effective manner). Champion spark plugs has made iridium industrial and aviation plugs since the 1960's, But advances in late model engine design have necessitated the need for iridium in automotive applications. The strength, hardness and high melting point of iridium allow Champion to manufacture their iridium ultra-fine wire center electrode to 0.7mm. One of the finest firing points in the industry!

Price: $9.29 Each

Champion Iridium Plugs Set of 4

300C, 2006-10, V8 - 5.7L





Champion Double Platinum Plugs

Champions longest life plug, designed to replace original equipment double platinum plugs. The fine wire center electrode and tapered side electrode aid in focusing the spark for better performance while both the side and center electrodes are also platinum tipped for superior erosion resistance (longer life). A triple sealed interior and copper core reduce failure to heat and stress.

Price: $6.59 Each

Champion Double Platinum Plugs Set of 4

300C, 2006-10, V8 - 5.7L






NGK Double Platinum

Double Platinum, NGK extreme life plug. By using the highest platinum content in the industry, NGK has created an extremely long life spark plug. Laser welded platinum tip on center electrode and platinum tip on the ground electrode. The center electrode is taper cut which aids in focusing the spark while reducing the voltage necessary to start the combustion process this will provide better throttle response, improve efficiency and allow a smoother idle.


Price: $12.79 Each

NGK Double Platinum Plugs Set of 4

300C, 2006-10, V8 - 5.7L


Price: $12.79 Each

NGK Double Platinum Plugs Set of 4

300C, 2006-10, V8-6.1L



Price: $6.99 Each

300, 2006-10, V6-3.5L

NGK Double Platinum Plugs Set of 4 






NGK IX Iridium

NGK iridium plugs represent the ultimate evolution of spark plug technology and performance. The iridium center electrode is both stronger and harder than platinum. This allows NGK engineers to design an ultra-fine (0.6mm)center electrode reducing the voltage requirement for spark. This allows for a brighter, stronger spark from your existing ignition system. The ground electrode has a tapered cut at the firing end which reduces quenching for better flame core growth and increased ignitability. The combination of fine wire center electrode and tapered cut ground will increase performance, improve acceleration, and fuel efficiency.

Price: $7.85 Each

NGK Iridium Plugs Set of 4

300C, 2006-10, V8 - 5.7L 


Price: $7.85 Each

NGK Iridium Plugs Set of 4

300C, 2006-10, V8- 6.1L






Denso's Iridium Power Spark Plugs

Denso's Iridium power spark plugs help your vehicle achieve unparalleled performance. It alters the belief that a mere spark plug can add power and mileage. This is done by combining an ultra-fine 0.4mm diameter Iridium center electrode with a tapered cut U-groove ground electrode. Iridium conducts electricity better than platinum, however what makes it exceptional is it's also 6x harder and 8x stronger than platinum. Because of this, the center electrode can be machined down to 0.4mm. This ultra-fine iridium center electrode provides superior ignition performance during acceleration and top cruising RPM. The U-groove ground electrode creates a larger, brighter flame kernel. The tip of the ground electrode has been tapered which further improves firing performance by reducing quenching. All of these features combine to give more horsepower to your motor.


Price: $11.99 Each

Denso Iridium Plugs Set of 4

300C V8 5.7L



Price: $11.99 Each

Denso Iridium Plugs Set of 4

300, 2006-10, V6 - 3.5L




300C LiveWires Spark Plug Wires 05-Up Hemi



LiveWiresŪ from Performance Distributors come with space age, heat resistant sleeving to provide protection from exhaust heat. The sleeving is heat treated glass braid and is non-flammable and non-corrosive to chemicals. LiveWires unique sleeving provides protection from -76° to +1400° F and offers excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals.

Approximately 1/2" in diameter, Live Wires look as awesome as they perform. Because your HEMI utilizes a coil for each cylinder, it's imperative that your plug wires maintain their optimum performance level and the Live Wires deliver! The Live Wires low internal resistance sends every ounce of spark to your plugs.

LiveWires have a durable and long lasting silicone jacket and insulation. Heat shrink applied between the boot and the sleeving keeps dirt and moisture away from wire terminals.

LiveWires spiral wound core prevents electronic interference. No radio noise or computer interference. They offer extremely low resistance of 300 - 350 Ohms per foot for optimum spark travel.

Available in Blue, Black, Purple, Red and Yellow. Please select color using drop down menu box below.







Fits 5.7L Hemi Engine Only. Please check engine configuration to verify model uses spark plug wires.

Price: $131.99
LiveWires Complete Set







 Late model Dodge and Chrysler HEMI V8 owners can now increase performance
and improve fuel mileage through the ignition system by installing our new high
performance SOS Coils! The new SOS (Sultans Of Spark) Coils by Performance
Distributors have been designed and engineered to outperform the stock COP
(Coil Over Plug) coils. New and advanced technology has allowed us to pack
more electrifying voltage into these small coils so that the output helps you get
even more tire roasting performance out of your HEMI V8! Our SOS Coils have
increased windings to boost spark output up to 40,000 volts. That is at least a 50%
increase in spark energy over the voltage deprived stock coils! The higher voltage
along with increased spark duration allow plug gaps to be opened up to .065". This
larger gap exposes a hotter spark in the combustion chamber for an increased burn
of the fuel mixture, resulting in more horsepower and better fuel economy. Additional
benefits include quicker starting, smoother idle and greater throttle response. The
SOS Coils are designed utilizing proven technology, the same quality that has gone
into our DUI and Screamin' Demon Coils. No gimmicks are used for our coils such
as "zero resistance" or tricked out "rings", just pure hardcore ignition performance
from the leader in high performance ignition systems. The SOS coils are a direct
replacement for the factory COP coils and do not require any special modifications.
SOS Coils are covered by a one year warranty.

Price: $359.99

Sultans Of Spark Coil, 2005 Chrysler 300, Single Tower


Price: $419.99

Sultan Of Spark Coil Duel Tower, 2005 to 2009